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Great Marsh Resilency:  Putting the Plan into Action!

The public is welcome to join with state and local stakeholders in the 5th Annual Sea Level Rise Symposium, sponsored by the Great Marsh Coalition on Thursday, November 9, 8:30am-3:15pm at The Essex Room, Woodman’s of Essex, Massachusetts.


Katie Theoharides, Assistant State Secretary of Climate Change, will deliver the keynote address on Climate Adaptation Planning in Massachusetts.


Experts in the fields will present a summary of the 2+ year Great Marsh community planning project and panelists will present regional strategies and case studies on increasing the resiliency of the Great Marsh with a focus on nature-based and green infrastructure solutions. Full Agenda here. Registration of $20.00 includes the all-day program and lunch.Top of FormBottom of Form Register Here.


Graffiti Removed from Gabriel & Selma Kleimola Reservation

Kleimola Graffiti

Graffiti found on the walls of one of the three abandoned quarries in the 18.4 acre Gabriel & Selma Reservation in Gloucester has been removed.
The graffiti, which read "Private Swimming Pool," was removed by Anthony Ciaramitaro of Cape Ann Graffiti Removal. 


Quarries at Kleimola Reservation were created when the land was mined for granite in the early 1900s. Granite from Cape Ann was highly sought after.  When the mining industry fell on hard times during the Great Depression, these quarries like many others were abandoned.


Flow's Journey Ends

Tower Garden

On a sad note, we report that Flow, the 3-year-old male Osprey hatched at the Cox Reservation nest in 2014 under the glare of Greenbelt’s webcam, and who had been wearing a satellite transmitter since age 3 months, disappeared on his southward migration in early October.

Great-horned owl predation is suspected. Flow had been followed throughout his short life by thousands of viewers, as he migrated successfully between northeastern Massachusetts and Cuba five other times.

Remarkably, Flow was in an elite group of only four out of 54 juvenile Osprey tagged by lead investigator Dr. Rob Bierregaard that survived to be 3-years-old and we all had high hopes he would become an active breeding adult somewhere in our region in 2018. Flow provided valuable scientific data in his lifetime and brought much joy to many of his followers. He will be missed. RIP Flow.

Join our G.O.A.T Herd:  Greenbelt's Outdoor Adventure Team

Tower Garden

Looking for an opportunity to get outside, meet new people and give back to your community? Volunteer as a member of Greenbelt’s Outdoor Adventure Team and help support our monthly walks and other outdoor activities.

Individuals of all ages, abilities and interests are welcome. Your participation helps us continually improve, diversify and promote the benefits of spending time in nature.  The time commitment can vary on your availability. Contact Mary Williamson for more information.   

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